BHN Offshore Services, is one of the Group Companies of BHN World.


BHN World was founded in 1999 by Capt. Isbah Syed, a Master Mariner and Mr. Aamir Hashim, a Business graduate and Mr. Asif Alvi, a Business Masters


Its Head office is situated at 5, Apeejay House, 130 Apollo Street, Fort, Mumbai 400 023, India. All companies Under BHN Group are ISO 9001-2008 Certified by UKAS.  


BHN Shipping, one of the Group Company, has obtained DOC from Lloyds for the Technical Management of its ships. It has tied up with a Maritime Institute in Singapore to impart high quality training standards to its fleet personal in meeting the constant demand for upgrading Sea Farers to the latest trends in Shipping. In its quest to diversify in all marine related trades BHN Group started a chartering division. The company has also assisted its clients in acquiring new ships at very competitive prices.


The Group has adopted a policy of maintaining total transparency with its clients. Our expertise in :


has grown over the years resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. Today we are capable of Chartering and Managing a wide range of vessels ranging from Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Containers, Self Un-loaders, Dynamic Positioning Vessels, FPSOís Off Shore, Survey Vessel, Dredgers, Maintenance and Work Boat. The company has two arms for managing,  Main Fleet vessels and other for its Offshore Vesselís division.


The Companies progress is attributed to a team of highly dedicated and trained professionals, consisting of Master Mariners, Chief Engineers and Management Staff. The team is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, training and budgeting as also coordinating repairs and arranging for Inspections and Surveys of Vessels / Cargoes / Commodities.


With this management practice in place we plan on sustaining growth and expansion.


Our company policy is based on:

  • Total Transparency

  •  Standardized Procedure

  • Commitment from the top

  • Knowledge based approach to problems

  • Planned Human Resources Development

  • Commitment to Safety Standards

  • Total enforcement on Quality

  • High integrity in dealing with all Agencies.